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CUBA easy as 1,2,3,...4

Yes America, you can still visit Cuba independently in 2019.



There are a few things you need to know before you go.

FOUR major steps will get you in Havana


1. Arrive approx. 3 hours early as online check-in is not permitted. Moreover- the process, the line, and overall speed is V E R Y S L O W.

2. Check – In

Follow the “special” check in for HAVANA.

Visa- if you did not purchase online, there’s a kiosk at check-in where you can purchase your visa ~$100(cash or card) I recommend calling your airlines prior to see their order of command

‘Support Cuban People'- is the only correct category to declare for solo independent travelers wishing to visit Cuba (this is what you’ll select on the document you fill out and turn in prior to boarding. Airline will provide document)

The visa !


3. Inflight – you will receive (TWO) documents to fill out. (Sanitary Statement of Travel + Cuba Immigration)

**PROTIP** It is VITAL you have a Cuban address/organization written down somewhere in your notes. I didn’t and I was in big trouble- got pulled aside because I had ‘nowhere to go’ and No internet the airport so I couldn’t look it up! Fill out accordingly(including addresses + Reason for travel " Support Cuban People")

-You should leave aircraft with THREE written documents + Passport


the three documents

4. Arrival

Go through Security, keep your VISA with you! Do not lose it!! as you’re asked from hostels + Casa Particulars to present it during your stay

Change your money! (NOTE: they have two currencies - CUP Cuban Pesos Nacional & CUC Cuban Convertible Pesos **study this before you go- it can be tricky**)

Take your time- don’t rush out of the airport. Take it all in – it definitely can be overwhelming! Don’t take your first taxi guy out – they spike prices LIKE NO TOMORROW. Walk down the road a little bit & Haggle. It should cost you roughly ~25-30 CUC. (1 CUC = $1)


Stay tuned for itineraries tips and more!


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