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6.5 secret spots in Milan

My grandma lives in the city center, I think you can trust me on this one...

I was fortunate enough to spend majority of my summers in my Nonna's tiny apartment just 5 minutes from the Duomo. Each time, I discovered something new - so in brief

Andiamo Raggazzi ,

With my Aunt | Corso Garibaldi

I've said this before, but ill say it again- loose itineraries are the way to go. It's common to over saturate your trip with 10000 things to do - I get it, you're excited !! But just like packing - less is more. These highlighted spots are just different ways to see the city - Things to spice up your trip.

Milan has a lot to offer, not only is it one the fashion capitals of the world, it has history, art romance, innovation, cuisine... Mamma Mia the list goes on- spicy city to say the least. Sometimes overlooked, yet this city has it all.

Here are 5 spots to check out in Milan:

Spot #1 - Museo del Novecento

photo credit : trips with rosie

If you want a unique one - of - a kind view of the Duomo this is it. Floor-to-ceiling windows, top floor of the museum. You'll be mesmerized. Pull up a chair, guarantee minutes will pass as you watch locals and tourists stroll through the steps of the Duomo. Not to mention perfect spot for a photo shoot.

and of course, the museum itself, is worth a wander, art pieces all through the twentieth century. I was lucky to see Andy Warhol a couple years ago.... 2 minute walk from the Duomo, a hidden gem to say the least.


Spot #2 - Cenacolo di Leonardo Da Vinci

aka "The Last Super." Said to be the 2nd most famous painting of Da Vinci after the Mona Lisa. Painted in 1495, this masterpiece over the centuries has been replicated everywhere, yet almost impossible to see in person. Hidden in a convent, you'll need to book your tickets wayyy in advance and I mean wayyyyyyy.

That being the case - if you're merely thinking of visiting Milan - start looking to NOW.

high season - 2 months in advance here's where:

* fine print arrive 30 minutes early or your ticket will be lost

In order to preserve this chef d'oeuvre - the convent only allows 15- 20 people at a time, in 15 minute increments, non the less - it's a once in a life time experience - located here:

"Learning Never Exhausts the Mind" – Leonardo Da Vinci

Spot #3 - Bosco Verticale (Verticale Forest)

Bosco Verticale Milano - Boeri Studio - ph.Dimitar Harizanov

The name says it all - 'vertical forest' 900 trees amidst the iconic red clay roofs of Milan. This area of the city ( Porta Nouva District ) is less known and definitely more modern. Rent a City Bike for the day, and peddle through these glorious buildings. There's plenty to do in the area: parks, activities, with outdoor shops and cafes. If you're looking for a break from the

tourist-y attractions, this is your spot. Locals grab an afternoon espresso enjoying the greenery. Plus a nice breath of fresh air.

Spot #4 - Navigli

photo credit :

Did you know there are canals in Milan? Well, now you do! A hip riverside district vibrant during the day and night. You can easily spend the afternoon roaming the canals as you stumbling across art galleries, vintage shops and cafe's.

At night - this place comes alive!! Starting at the Colonne di San Lorenzo I like to call it- "the meet up spot." Grab an Aperol Spritz and sit by the river, its not Venice, but you'll get a glimpse of what Venice is alll about.

photo credit:

Word has it, Leonardo Da Vinci helped the design of the canals.... once used for the transportation of goods. (they used to it transport the marble to build the infamous Duomo)

Spot #5 - Via Brera

Lonely Planet / Getty Images

It's common to think a point of interest as a 'thing' or 'exact coordinates.' However, when it comes to this city, its much more than a spot on the map,

it's the atmosphere.

the tone.

the aura.

You'll find all that on Via Brera (Brera Street)

A destination where locals go for lunch, and I mean 'my aunt who works just up the street goes there" Not only is it known to locals but the storefront shops along the cobblestone street makes it a window-shoppers heaven. You'll see business men in their tailored Armani suit eating the daily special, Pizza Margherita.

Then make your way over to Corso Garibaldi - another atmospheric experience, where you'll see the famous GUCCI wall, which in that case turns this into

Spot #5.5 Murale Artistico di Gucci which changes throughout the seasons-

definitely worth seeing

#6 - Marchesi 1824

There's not much to say here other than 200 year old pastry shop....

and here's where to find it:

"Pasticceria Marchesi is the place to go to enjoy a unique kind of magic that melts in your mouth."

Don’t Forget To Live In The Moment

I'd borrow my aunt's bicycle and my sister and I would ride though the city, stumbling across some of these spots.But don’t be shy, go beyond what's written. Explore!

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Its means the world.

xx TMP


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