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1st order of business; order a pizza Margherita every day....



Long story short- it’s worth the hype. All of it. 1000001%

And here’s the BEST WAY to do it.

You’re welcome, in advance.

1st order of business; order a pizza Margherita every day.

Then, have an apèrol spritz.

After, eat gelato.

Repeat daily.

Wonderful, now that we have the basics down, here’s the rest -


Best option: Once you get to Naples, hire a private driver from Naples to the Amalfi Coast fastest and easiest way

(side note: we stayed a night in Naples, left the following morning)

1hour 20 minuets off season, 60-90 euros

(pick you up & drop you off at your desired location)

HIGHLY recommend taking the scenic route, it’s worth it.

A bit longer (2ish hours) but I guarantee you’ll be saying

wow wow wow

WOWOw wow,

all the way down.

And that’s how you get these views ....

PROTIP: Avoid renting a car, there’s absolutely NO SPACE to park and parking is $$$$

Instead, RENT A VESPA, you can easily zip through:

Positano – Praiano - Amalfi – Ravello – Minori

PROTIP: rent for multiple days, they'll offer you a discount

The roads are narrow though, so I’d advise experienced riders only ---

( I almost broke a toe.... )

Here’s where we got ours -

we had our driver drop us off at our airbnb - then we walked to pick up our scooters


Now I asked my dad (who’s Italian) where to stay, and he went on this rant about

Le Sirenuse, and boy, did it sound SENSATIONAL !

Subsequently, I looked it up, 900 euros a night…….

Don’t get me wrong, we were ready to treat ourselves for one night, however, all rooms were sold out.

Which to me translates to

“We will be back”

PROTIP: Regardless, Le Sirenuse is still worth visiting, a landmark of the coast, dating back 1951 - where the operation runs under three generations - Paolo, Franco, Aldo and Anne Sersale and if you're looking to dine (which you should) book in advance, tables go fast.


We found a good comprise, a stunning Airbnb in Praiano, ( one of the neighboring cities ) just15 minutes from Positano Beach.

Thus, I recommend staying in the outskirts of the main cities- there are tons of B&Bs, hotels, and Airbnb’s to choose from! All wonderful and with a Vespa you can easily move freely.

(15-30 minutes between destinations) * see map

Staying smackdab in the city center (Positano or Amalfi) can get a little crowded and that’s when it feels tourist-y.


All along the coast you’ll find

mouth-watering spots.

Here are some of my top picks

(all linked below)


Beachside dinning with a great wine selection

Just the ambience is worth experiencing

it's la crème de la crème as they say

where to go to "be seen" known for the mussels spaghetti & sea urchin

great vibe, great food *PROTIP: order the gnocchi

Breathtaking views, one-of-a-kind mocktails & cocktails ( attached next to Le Sirenuse )



Che Bontà

Via Guglielmo Marconi, 2/A, 84010 Praiano SA, Italy

* I think I went here every day? Great prices, friendly staff, easy ambiance away from all that tourist-y things, suggested by a local!



serving authentic sweet delicacies since 1830 !!!


Everything, seriously. Just start exploring, you can’t really get lost, as there’s one main road.

Positano Spiaggia

But here are my favorite spots ( yes, I went into google maps and starred all the

point of interests you should consider )

you cannot get sick of the view --->

the infamous majolica-tiled dome

If you’re in the mood to dance till 5AM…

Beautiful spot to catch the sunset behind Positano Beach

That Instagram spot with the arch ( super crowed hard to find parking on the street )

This one goes out to all my hikers – if you’re looking for a dramatic view above the coastline, you’ll have to put in the work, 6 mile roundtrip hike

A grotto, plenty of boat tours to get you there

another stunning spot inside and outside the duomo

Villas on villas with iconic views of the coastline

Ragazzi, that’s it.

The rest is for you to explore and experience on your own –

Don’t listen to what social media says,

make your trip unique to you. Excessive planning and itineraries can be overwhelming, consequently, my advice, be more flexible, have a rough draft but that's it!!!

Immerse yourself!

Since we were flexible, we kept extending our stay and taking our adventures day by day, modifying our plans as we go.

Italians will be happy to help you if you need any recommendations, tips, ect.

They’re always happy to welcome Americans? ( well at least that’s what they told me? heh)

OK, Ciao Buon Viaggo



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