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I quit my Cooperate America Job once again

From an office in the sky to an 8-5

****Disclosure: I wrote this article over a year ago, and for some strange reason, chickened out to share it. Why? not sure, maybe fear of rejection? Well I guess we're growing, so please, enjoy. ***

But wait before we get there,

Let’s backtrack and piece together how I went from a Flight Attendant to working an 8-5.

Well as most stories go, it all started with love, a love to travel. It ran so deep, I wanted to do it every day.

So, I applied to be a flight attendant, not just any FA, but an Italian speaking Flight Attendant for American Airlines. I was “living the dream” as they say.

Growing up, I’d spend most of my summers abroad visiting my grandparents in Poland and Italy. Thus, a young frequent flyer, I was in awe of the cabin crew and collected every single pair of plastic wings given to me.

I was obsessed with travel.

The tall tale has it, my parents used to put me and my sister into handmade straw baskets…. and placed us under the seat? Probably wouldn’t fly today…. Get it, fly.

Since my early straw basket days, I traveled far and near, solo, with friends, coach surfing, hostel hopping, backpacking- you name it.

taking a break on the Camino de Santiago. Met some very cool people!

Then, I became a flight attendant.

Fast track to Covid-19.

I got furloughed.Then realized, I traveled more for pleasure before I became an FA.

So, with a heavy heart, I parted ways and landed a job at a Digital Marketing Agency in Charlotte, NC.

Why Charlotte? Well as the saga continues, because love.

Found someone who likes to adventure just as much or even more than I do.

Now picture this, your life used to be 3-4 flights a day across the US and monthly flights to Rome. Never micro-managed, self-sufficient, working crazy hours, plus holidays and not having one day the same; to an office job on the 12th floor where I looked forward to a cup of joe, and found myself saying “Thank God it’s Friday.”

A culture shock to say the least.

I swore to myself I would never turn into an office person, gave myself a 6-month limit too…

Well, jokes on me.

I got too comfortable, the routine was pleasant.

The paycheck paid my bills.

I enjoyed my coworkers.

I walked to work.

I looked forward to the weekends.

I was the turning into person I always told myself I wouldn’t be.

Straight into the rat race, where my job consumed me. Not ideal.

Worst part, I didn’t even see it happening.

Like a frog in boiling water.

However, with my free time, I had the opportunity to explore the US and even got to throw in a trip to Southern Italy. I was still doing what I love, but on the side.

I became a weekend warrior and PTO connoisseur, I worked hard and was rewarded for it.

But bottom line, I was just ??? doing?

But doing what… for who….

So I quit. Just like that.

(With the help of my sister & boyfriend (*now fiancé) who were always trying to bring ‘this isn’t you’ to light)

Now, before I get people throwing tomatoes at me, saying, not everyone has that luxury blah blah blah. Blah.

Hear me out.


You do not have to fit into the mold society wants you to be in.

I’m not cut out to be a doctor (I faint at the sight of blood) or be a lawyer, nor have a desk job.

Yet believe it or not, I've always worried of what people would think of me jumping from job to job.

With a degree in International Relations and a minor in French shouldn’t I have a steady job? Aren’t I supposed to have a career path?

That’s what I’ve been told time and time again.

So, I am asking you, to pause and think, where do you find yourself right now.

Looking for a raise?

Want a live in a new city?

Change career path?

Run a marathon?


You’re just not sure?

Well, here’s some advice, do more of what makes you happy.

Wadi Rum, Jordan

Now, this isn’t me telling you go become a flight attendant, then quit to get a desk job, then quit to keep traveling…

Because I’m sure you can do much better. *wink*

On to the next adventure.

xx the modern pilgrim


P.S what now? I've been working for an elite private jet company remotely which allows me to travel 24/7 :)

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