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64 Reasons to visit Kraków

(in no particular order)


I was fortunate enough to spend over a week in this beautiful city and all its surroundings!

If this list doesn’t make you want to hope on the next flight to Poland, then maybe I should reconsider my persuasive writing skills. (just kidding- this is my creative space, don’t @ me)

1. Pierogi Pierogi Pierogi Pierogi, did I mention Pierogi?

2. Carriage horse rides

3. Polish Breakfast of CHAMPIONS

4. Main Market Square

6. Złoty (Polish currency)

7. You can live like a Queen, go ahead & buy piwo for everyone

8. Piwo (Polish Beer)

9. Obwarzanki (Polish bagels!)

10. Wawel Castle

11. Wawel Chocolate

12. 24/7 Street performers

13. Old Town- one of the 1st urban UNESCO World Heritage Sights

14. Paczki (Polish Donuts)

15. Salt Mine!!

16. St. Andrew’s Church, built in 1079, survived the Mongol’s attack in 12th century

17. Bigos (hunter's stew)

18. People watching with an Aperol Spritz

19. “Wonderwall” performed by every other street musician

20. Night rollerblading squads ???

21. Riding electric scooters on cobblestones, ‘A Thrill’

22. Renaissance architecture


24. Polish Folk dancing (Krakowinska)

25. Old Jewish Quarter

26. Everyone speaks English, no need to worry

27. Vibrant Night life (felt like everyday was Friday?)


29. Mass celebrated in the Basilica every 30 min

30. The trendiest coffee shops

31. Good looking Europeans, everywhere

32. Vintage clothes shops

33. Visit the tombs of the Kings and Queens of Poland

34. Pigeons don’t bug here

35. Daily classical music concerts for 60zl ($15 bucks)

36. Baroque buildings

37. 24hr Biedronka & Carrefour (grocery stores) in the city square

38. City is immaculate

39. Huge vegan scene & pretty good too- check out no bones

40. Nice people

41. You’ll probably fall in love

42. Polish pop music- A VIBE

43. WWII history

44. Smokey Sheep Cheese

45. Nutella Naleniski (Polish crepes) for breakfast

46. St. Mary’s Basilica

47. Live music at every other restaurant

48. 20 min Uber ride from the Airport to city center

49. Lavender fields

50. Wawel dragon


52. Dinner at 10 pm

53. Kielbasa ALL KINDS

54. Aspiring artists selling their work everyday

55. You can walk everywhere

56. Eat traditional polish cuisine for 12 bucks

57. Wisła River

58. Schindler's Factory ( credited for saving aprox 1200 Jews during Nazi Occupation )

59. “Free” walking tours

60. Polish bread

61. Surrounded by 40 parks and gardens

62. 2-hour drive to Zakopane Mountains

63. Florinska Street

64. MOCAK museum of Contemporary Art

In all honesty, the list can go on – but all I can say is this- if you have the chance to travel through Europe, don’t forget about Eastern Europe. It's a gem- especially Poland.

Yes, you can argue I may have a slight bias being half Polish…BUT STILL, tell me one person you know that doesn’t like pierogis….


Exactly. Image Poland as pierogi. One big Yummy pierogi. Your stomach will be full just as your heart.



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