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The 'Mafia' Takes PCH

They say some of the best destinations can be found in your backyard. And I couldn’t agree more.

The other day - I had the most magnificent time rediscovering parts of the beautiful west coast of the US.

But first, a a little synopsis :

It’s been 15+ years since my Italian family has set foot in the United States. This year, for my Grandmother’s 90th Birthday, a trip to our golden coast was way over due.

Now imagine this - a house filled with full blooded Italians- eating & drinking the best panettone chanting “happy hour..” every hour…

So of course spirits are high and the adventurous soul of a Paini never sleeps..

The Uncle randomly shouts, “ Malibu! “ “ Andiamo ! “ translation: (Let’s go!)

Therefore, we pile up in cars and head up The 1 of PCH, because Perché no?

A bit unprepared, my older sisters scrambles to get an itinerary set.. but when you’re around Paini’s- plans don’t exist. Ever.

Dressed to the dimes (bc we’re Italian obviously) this fam was ready for everything and anything.

So if you’re spontaneously feeling a drive up PCH, here’s a few stops along the way - Italian Style that is.


Venice Channels

“Venezia!” shouts the uncle. Yup, pretty much- with a pastel Miami vibe.

A perfect place to walk around and take in the beautiful homes built along the canal.

Venice Beach / Board Walk

Although we stuck out like a sore thumb- This place is a true character of its own. Every corner you pass, every direction you look, there is something ready to catch your eye. A blend all of California’s classics from skateboards, surf, weights, beach cruisers, rollerblades, and street shows - this destination really has it all. Oh and don’t forget the Dr. Green classics.

Santa Monica Pier

A classic. Seen in movies from around the world this spot is worth a visit. Parking may be hectic.. but if you’re with a Paini someone will sacrifice their view to Chauffer you around. Thanks Dad.

Gladstone’s PCH

What would be a Paini trip without it’s wine & dine spots?!

I forgot how much I loved this place - situated right on the sand - this “tourist” spot is cozy and perfect for some calamari and beer.

Usually there’s a wait for a table so be prepared! But of course, with a Paini, the table waits for us.

The service was tip top - and the view was lovely.

Point Break

My sister and I are both ocean junkies so of course we have to show the Italians one of the best surf spots in the world !

I would highly recommend to take a break from the traffic and catch a breath of fresh air with a view.


Because we Italians are dressed well for every occasion - a one of a kind panorama was needed to pair our cappuccino.

This was my first time here and I absolutely loved it ! A sophisticated restaurant filled with proper people.

Again never having to wait for a table- we are seated with the best view in the house. Definitely a place to go in order to impress your loved ones.

Did I mention a perfect place to spot dolphins !? Oh happy days.

Sunset Blvd

In order to avoid the heavy traffic on the way back - we deiced to take Sunset Blvd and take a seated tour along the hills of LA. It was our very own private Star Spotting Tour.

We drove through Westwood, UCLA, Bel Air, Rodeo Drive… and made our way to the lovely carpool lane freeway. Welcome to the land of large SUV’s and 5 lane highways.

I think the fam was impressed - best part ? It was all spontaneous filled with Happy Hour toasts.

Baci from my Italian family to yours.. xoxo

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