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"Everything Goes" describing [Bangkok] in two words

If I could describe this city in two words, I’d pick “Everything Goes…”

and I mean everything. It’s complete chaos, but organized chaos. It seems as if the mayhem found in every corner is necessary to keep the city going. As crazy as that sounds, it worked and I loved it.

As I was exploring one of the streets around my hostel, I decided to grab a bite to eat from a street vendor. ( A must!) Sitting down on what seemed like a Toys-R-Us kids table, I pointed to the menu my desired meal. The gentle Thai lady smiled and scribbled in her little worn-out notebook. Sitting next to me, was an old man sipping on his soup. Once he finished, the waitress/cook/and probably the owner as well, took his bowl and threw it in a bucket of water, which was placed right in front of me. She dipped it a couple of times, then Boom! Poured my soup into that same bowl and brought it over to me! In shock, I signaled for a spoon… she then took it from the old man and tossed it in the bucket… Handing it over, she smiled and I was in complete awe... And that’s when I quickly realized, “Everything Goes.”

Imagine a mini golf cart mixed with a three-wheeled scooter, dimensions consisting of 130 x 310 x 190 cm. And of course, vibrantly decorated with lights and unique fabric. Well, they’re called TukTuks and to me, it is the best invention ever made. These little bad boys are only meant to fit 3 people… well then again, when in Bangkok nothing is impossible. Meanwhile, at the train station, I waited for an available ride. Instead, a tuktuk filled with 5 people pulled out in front of me. The friendly man yelled “yes, tuktuk?” I politely tried to explain there’s no more room. But he insisted… so the man took my backpack and THREW it on the hood. He then had me squeeze into a nonexistent space, which had me holding onto the rim for dear life. The other folks looked at me and laughed. And I just chuckled, “Everything Goes!”

Restrooms are not at your convenience what so ever, so you’ll be lucky if you score one in the “restaurant.” Oh and don’t get me started on the standing toilets…That’s for another day. As for me, I was happily enjoying a few Chang’s at local side road dinning spot. When quickly, I needed to use the restroom. I kindly smile at the man who served my pad thai (which was heavenly) and asked for the toilets in every possible form. I said, bathroom, restroom, WC, water closet, toilets while pointing at my beer and finally he realized what I needed. He guided me through the back and pointed at a little tiny door… Saying kob kun kaa (thankyou), I enter. There are toothbrushes, hair combs, and styling jell resting on the sink. Clothes are being dried over my over my head and there’s a little window that divides the kitchen from this bathroom where you can visibly see the chef cooking... Having a few sanitation red flags pop in my head, Once again I think, Everything Goes.

I mean, don’t get me wrong! It took me a day or two to get used to things, accustom myself to the Thai way. But I decided to jump feet first day one and realize Everything Goes is a beautiful way to live. Thank you Bangkok, for the first hand life lessons!

Cheers, The Modern Pilgrim

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