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A Thrilling Western Drama x Newport Beach Film Festival

Brad Carter in The Scent of Rain & Lightning (Courtesy of No Cost Entertainment )

Newport Beach Film Festival Saturday Night Spotlight Selection Review

If someone mentions ‘Western’ - I automatically switch the shut off button. A western? Cowboys? Southern accents? Oh heavens no. Please, spare me.

However, to my surprise this novel turned motion picture kept me wanting more.

The Scent of Rain & Lightning is a compelling western drama centered on a powerful family in a small town and the hidden secrets surrounding them. A young women learns the killer of her parents has been released from jail. This shocking news reopens buried wounds as the town starts to talk. The women traces events leading up to that night- after she learns there's a handful of folks who believe that man may be innocent.

This modern day thriller explores themes of betrayal, hiding in shadows, and power vs. the law. The audience is engaged from start to finish - and I was on the edge of my seat.

Power, family, and social statuses are constantly being challenged as each character goes through different layers of development.

A deviation from of the mainstream norm, it's a film worth watching.

Maggie Grace and Justin Chatwin in The Scent of Rain & Lightning ( Courtesy of No Cost Entertainment )

With a few gory scenes, one mustn’t have a light stomach. Regardless, Cinematographer ( Lyn Moncrief ) and Director ( Blake Robbins ) were able to capture the essence of ‘puzzle piecing’ as the whole film crew portrayed this unique feeling.

Although, I was a bit disappointed to have the screen freeze three times during the film - those technical issues did not make a dent in my overall experience.

After the viewing, I was fortunate enough to take part of a Q & A with members of the cast & crew. The Director apologized for the technical glitches, where he then replied to questions on what the audience should feel. He responded,

“I don’t think in terms of, ‘I want you to feel this.’ It’s unique to each [person], as long as you’re feeling. And it’s my responsibility to be the first audience.”

Therefore, if you're looking for a unique feeling - you'll find it in The Scent of Rain & Lightning. But one thing for sure, you’ll leave with your jaw dropped.

( Courtesy of No Cost Entertainment )

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