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Instagram's New Terms and Conditions are WILD (no surprise here)

Look, here’s the deal…

Instagram updated their Terms & Conditions on December 20, 2020.

And only God knows why I decided to read through it.

Well, I did. Even highlighted a few excerpts...

Some would say, I have too much time on my hands..



I’ll let God decide that one too.

In brief – you don’t own anything and Instagram can do whatever the (insert foul language) they want.

Plus, just by using Instagram you are, therefore, agreeing to the new Terms of Service (TOS)

And if you weren’t aware, Facebook owns Instagram, so same-same.

Well, I deleted my Facebook a couple months ago for a handful reasons,

A. I watched Social Dilemma

B. Too many people were having kids

C. I didn’t want AI to maneuver my next moves in life

D. My own social experiment?

You’d be surprised how you log-on,Just-to-log-on. Next thing you know, you’re reading political arguments between peers who use ‘facts’ from friends with the same view. Then, you watch a video suggested by Facebook, that leads you to an ad about dating Italians? That was me. A total mess.

On a bigger scale, it comes down to artificial intelligence dictating our future actions.

Just an opinion here, but we shouldn't be ‘ok’ with that.

My pops said it best – We're a screen society, glued to our phones.

And guess what, my dad is cellphone-less

(maybe there’s some mafia ties there, but who knows) ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Regardless, I still have Instagram (again, owned by Facebook) and behind the photo perfect utopia, we agreed to their Terms, which allows almost zero privacy of personal data and/or content we post.

A User summarized it best,

“They can check your call logs, your SMS history, they can do live analysis on your camera, they can copy your address book and much more since the terms are pretty loosely defined” -generally.speaking

Don’t Believe me? Here, I’ve proudly highlighted it for you.

Instagram's Terms and Conditions

Your content is yours! (SIKE) We don’t own it, but we can use it, however we please.

But wait, there's MORE !

Pretty much they collect information from e.v.e.r.y.t.h.I.n.g.

Computers, Phones, TVs?? OH MY

More so, they have access to our phonebooks? They can check our call history, and while we're at it, go through our texts ???

Ah, my personal favorite, introducing Instagram Camera !

It's not your camera its our camera.

(Although it is on your phone) sike, again.

So "masks and filters"can be suggested.

Ah Yes, very very important.

This may not seem

that big - of - a - deal, however, it's something to consider. I remember back in the day having speedyfeet123 as my email, thinking my personal information would be more private.

Now I’m not saying go delete your Instagram, I just believe its paramount to be mindful of big tech companies asking users to agree to these wild TOS. Which, in return allows them to do whatever they want.

In short, we've turned into guinea pigs, one big research group- where they collect, observe, share our behavior.

It comes to no surprise though, this isn’t Facebook’s first rodeo.

Let's see what happens next -

Me, Phi Phi Islands Thailand circa 2017

xx TMP


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