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Life is Beautiful


Not sure what the role of main stream media is these days… But

Breaking News, should really be translated to ‘bad news’ followed by a

sub headliner, “not sure if this is even accurate.”

Why do we flood our brains with fear?

Why do we listen to these mega mainstream outlets, celebrities, politicians who add worry, doubt and uncertainty to our daily lives?

Well friends, I’d like to say something daring,

life is beautiful.

Then why listen to me? WELL, because I see it. Everyday. First hand.

More good than bad. More faith than fear. Hope over doubt.

It’s time to change the narrative.

Since the beginning of this global pandemic, I’ve been working. Flying back and forth across the nation with 2am call-outs, flight cancelations, reroutes and reassignments. Continually adapting to the ever so changing policies, procedures and guidelines.

I’ll admit, I was scared.

But all that changed when I focused on the people.

I saw passengers helping other passengers. Folks trading their seats, carrying an elder’s bag, assisting one another down the aisle. Strangers came up to me with care packages, goodies, and notes.

I heard captains personally reassuring passengers about their safety. Gate agents waving from the jet bridge saying, “You got this!!” Aircraft cleaners onboard thoroughly inspecting every inch of each seat. Flight attendants going the extra extra mile to make sure people felt comfortable.

I heard new conversations starting, and multiple counting of blessings. Passengers who told me they took these troublesome times to self-reflect and reestablish relationships with their loved ones.

Others would start out with,

"once this is all over,”

and share new bucket lists and travel destinations. I heard more ‘thank you’ and we ‘appreciate you.’

I saw courtesy amongst people in the aisle more than I ever did before.

Yet some came up to me worried and concerned, more so, angry and frustrated- at us, the airlines and what’s going on in the world. I understood. Listened. And they were grateful for just that.

And my fellow colleagues would show up with a 5am sign- in, looking sharp, smiling with their eyes, and ready to tackle a 3-day trip. We had each other’s back – you could almost feel it.

I’m not saying things were or are perfect- they're far from that. But I had to change the narrative to stay sane.

As I’m sharing this, I hope you can find some sort of faith however you choose to find it. Take a break from your phone, tablets and news outlets. Start with your loved ones, ask them how they’re doing. Let’s focus on the good, and rebuild that hope.

This industry is filled with ups and downs (had to throw that one in ha), and has challenged me personally. I moved across the country to follow my dreams.

Italian, Greek, Czech, Hungarian, Dutch- Language Speakers Class

Nonetheless, as months progressed I knew what was coming, yet still- uneasy with its reality.

As some of you may already know, American Airlines is furloughing 8,100 Flight Attendants, including myself.

Am I scared? Oh you betcha!

But once again, it’s time to change the narrative.

Turn off the news, turn off the negative posts and tune out the negativity.

Move from fear to faith.

Long story short,

It’s still rough out there-

But I was able to do my dream job for over a year! And now I get to move onto my next dream.

So, with all that’s going on, pause and count to three before you speak (wise words from my pops)

Let’s help each other and hype our goals, dreams, and aspirations. I’m here for it, and will be your #1 cheerleader.

Now it’s your turn, tell me your dreams. Because, still in this chaos, life is beautiful.

Yours truly,



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