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Champagne Climate

What is St. Moritz?

Answer: A land of luxury nestled in the Swiss Alps. Or, more easily put- a city where I’d take my mother on vacation, only to watch her eat- as I wouldn’t be able to afford a plate for two at the restaurant.. It’s the Monte Carlo of ski, la crème de la crème, where white truffle pizza costs a humble sum of 100 CHF. (approx. $103)

Well, is it worth it?

As the Swiss would say, Ja. (Pronounced YAH)

I was lucky enough to be joined by my father who had his fair-share in the St. Mortiz world. Wanting me to experience this true winter wonderland, he showed me the ropes. So here's an insiders'-in to this "Champagne Climate" society, i’ve compiled my favorites into a

1-day Swiss extravaganza.

Best advice off the bat – don’t look at the price tag.. you’ll put yourself in a panic attack. I did.

A cup of coffee in the tea room with the best lake view in town

A complete Alice in Wonderland feel, the interior textile is insane

2. Ski (Obviously)

Hit the slopes early, there’s a world to explore

Oh and note, everyone is practically a professional skier out there

Take a ski break 2,672 meters above sea level with traditional European ski meals

Highly recommend- the polenta with melted blue cheese

4. Après Ski @ OvaVera

After an epic Swiss ski day, there's really no better way to do it ! Relax to the max

Wind down with their classic cocktail Prosecco with a dash of Peach Juice

A perfect place to people watch and admire the beautiful decor

6.Dinner @ Chesa Veglia

If you didn't know, now you know. This is the spot- impossible to get a table. A St. Moritz classic.

7. Night Out @ King's Club

The party only starts around 12 am.. Ski the day, Dance at night-

no sleeping here.

Plus If you’re lucky – and know someone –

There's Dracula & Members Only (however these are highly exclusive- not even Beyoncé’s sister would enter without knowig ‘someone’) no joke.

They praise and value 'true exclusivity' having generations on generations as returning guests

But most of all, I was astonished on the world class hospitality found in every corner. St. Moritz lives to serve others- no matter who you are. And that’s a price-tag worth millions.

Plus, they don't call it “Champagne Climate” for no reason-the sun shines as you ski with class down the infamous slopes of St. Moritz.


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