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8 things I’m sick of hearing as a solo female traveler

** Insert a classic conversation at your classic hostel common room **

Backpacker X :“What’s your name?”

Me : ‘Veronica,’ I smile

“Nice to meet you, Veronica! Who are you traveling with?”

-‘Oh, it’s just me!’

“Just You? As in alone?”



“Well, aren’t you a bit scared traveling alone?! ”




Oh shoot you’re right! Let me call my mom, book a flight back home, grab 10 of my girlfriends and plan a 7-day all-inclusive organized tour to SE Asia (tour-guide included)….. only then I won’t be scared..

But hey, if that’s you, awesome. Go for it! However, as wild as it may seem, that sounds absolutely miserable to me.

Hi, my name is Veronica and yes, I like traveling solo. Wild.

To quickly sum it up - it’s Thrilling. New. Unexpected. Eye-opening. Gut-wrenching.

Sometimes it’s good and sometimes it’s bad. Regardless, it’s where I execute the when, where, and why, no questions asked.

Yes, it’s not the cheapest hobby..

But why spend money on temporary pleasures when I can save for trips across the world? Boom.

Again, to each their own. If you enjoy underground rave festivals and owning the newest technology, do it. Do you.

I want to see the world.

Yet there’s a few questions that quite frankly, I am tired of hearing.

Here’s 8, just to name a few.

  1. “Don’t you get lonely?”

No. There’s too many things going on around me to even think about being alone.

2. “Aren’t you homesick?”

The only time I feel homesick is when I don’t get adequate sun exposure. YES ITS A THING. I lived in France and was definitely deprived of sunshine. To the extent where I would purposely skip school when it was sunny.. Cheers to being from Southern California!

3.“Aren’t you scared for your safety?”

Sometimes. But that’s just of part human nature. The real question is, what's safe nowadays... However, I believe we cannot let fear limit ourselves. Therefore, be observant and have your guard on, constantly.

4.“What about Money?”

Traveling's not cheap- but you can make it cheap ;)

Sleep in a 10 bed hostel room, split rides with other travelers, make a lunch sandwich from your free hostel ‘breakfast..’, hand wash your clothes, couch surf, sleep in airports, meet travel buddies along the way.. It’s possible. May not be glamorous, but sure as hell is fun.

5.“Do you get lost ?”

That’s a definite yes. And there’s no one else to blame but yourself… So you better know where you’re going….Or at least know the basics of the language to commutate with locals!

6. “What about all the 'cat'calling?”

A. Confidence is key.

B. A firm“No is no” in most every part of the world.

Oh and everyone knows European men…. They’re known to charm. So know what you want and what you don’t want.

7. “Do you get self-conscious?”

Not really. There’s a difference between getting out of your comfort zone and caring what other people think. Forget what the people say, they'll always have negative comments. Do You. And if they like you, you’ll have friends from all over the world.

8. Relationships? Is that a thing? Are you single?”

Just like genuine friends, the real ones will always be there. Whether it’s weeks or months away from home, they’ll be cheering you on. As for Lovers? They come and go like seasons. Therefore, pick your 'soulmate' wisely.


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