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Escape Venice - 24 hours in TREVISO

Of course you’re going to Italy to eat endless al’dente pasta and fall in love with an Italian man singing ‘Oh Sole Mio' from under your window..

And of course, you’re making a stop to Venice- most likely over paying for your Aperol Spritz.

Is it all worth it?

Well of course it is. You're in Italy.

But you’ve probably never heard of Treviso– the neighboring city of Venice – just 30 minutes from VCE (Marco Polo Airport).

Well, it’s a gem.

Therefore, if you find yourself with an extra day- escape the crowds of Venice and allow yourself to be enchanted by Treviso.

Don’t worry- I’ve highlighted the best spots - just. for. you.

8am- Goppion Café

be amongst the locals as you start your day with an espresso or their signature cappuccino with cinnamon & panna ( whipped cream )

don’t be fooled by the ‘no seating’ it’s strictly “stand-by-the-bar-and-catch-up-with-the-barista” kinda vibe

9am- Buranelli Canals

Enjoy a peaceful morning stroll through the fairylike canals surrounded by willow trees and beautiful flowers.

every corner you turn is “insta worthy” ( cannot believe it’s a thing now (*que eye roll*)

10:30am – Piazza dei Segnori

Sit down, rest your legs in this lovely courtyard

look up! The architecture is just wonderful

11:30 am – Fontana delle Tette (Fountain of the Boobs)

yes- you read that correctly. Find the original in a ‘glass case’ in Piazza dei Segnori dating back to 1559. It is said that during special occasions- red and white wine was substituted for water..?

Make your way over to find the replica – where you’ll find a water working fountain. You’ll have to see it to believe it.


12:00 pm – United Colors of Benetton

Moving from history to fashion – explore one if Italy’smany brands

The store is huge and the headquarters are in the same area!

12:45 pm – Chiesa San Nicolò

A magnificent Lombard Gothic style church dating back to the 1400s with beautiful frescos inside.


14:00 (2pm) – Lunch @ Alfredo

It’s THE spot- my father used to go there to impress his girlfriends (I wish I was joking)

Built in 1961 – this family owned restaurant will have you mouthwatering over the black truffle risotto

It may be $$$$ - but you’d understand after the excellent service and dining experience – It’s worth coming to Treviso just for this spot

Side note- do yourself a favor and order their house prosecco (you can thank me later) oh and a Tiramisu while you’re at it


***I forgot to mention Treviso is the birth place of Tiramisu and Prosecco

Therefore, if you’re not having 1+ glasses of Prosecco with a couple of servings of Tiramisu – you’re doing something wrong***

17:00 – Triamisu @ Pasticceria Nascimben

like I’ve said – time for your second dose of Tiramisu (don’t worry you’ll walk it off, trust me)


Enjoy the rest of the city by strolling through the canals and simply getting lost !

It’s a smaller town therefore you’ll be able to navigate through the streets – once you’ve tired out your feet, it’s safe to say you’re ready to head back to your hotel/hostel/Airbnb/ect.

Now look at you – exploring “a-not-so-touristic-destination” it will most definitely add to your Venice experience.

I salute you Pilgrims! Enjoy.

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