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No Room for Yoga Pants - Opening Night // Take Every Wave

( Courtesy of Visit Newport Beach )

A night where the sandals come off and the tuxedo suits come on- with the only exception of the legend Laird Hamilton ( world renown big-wave surfer, tow-in surfer) who dressed like any normal Thursday night seen in a classic flip-flops look.

Last Night- Newport Beach took the center stage of elegance showing the world its talent beyond its infamous beach front views. Accompanied by a warm spring breeze, the red carpet was vibrant with media and press buzzing around the much anticipated screening of Take Every Wave.

The screening selection was well catered to the central hub of Southern California where many, call the beach home. A relatable subject dear to the heart. As a native local, I consider myself an ‘ocean junkie’ and definitely was looking forward to this viewing.

I was fortunate enough to interview the legend himself, asking him a few questions on how he hopes this movie will inspire people to strive for their dreams.

The Modern Pilgrim: "How do you think your story will inspire others to keep doing what they love? "

Laird Hamilton: “Well, It shows passion- if your good at something and you love it, you just gotta keep doing it.”

For example, if you’re the best at balancing a chair on your head, and you love it? Then heck-keep balancing that chair!”

TMP: Well, isn't that already inspiring!

( Courtesy of )

The documentary itself was well composed. It had an authentic flow and story line, keeping the audience engaged. No need to be a surfer buff to understand what's going on. You could easily relate - finding yourself invested in the main character. It was reviving and inspirational. The cinematography was beautiful allowing the viewers to grasp the power of the ocean. I personally appreciated the majestic bird eye shots accompanied by well selected music.

Beyond my ocean love bias, the piece was more than just a story of Laird Hamilton - it portrayed the outcomes of determination, perseverance, and passion. If anything I've learned- its not easy to follow your dreams, there’s a lot of sacrifices along the way.. but the finish line is way worth it.

Following the screening, NBFF put on a glamours Gala held at Fashion Island with live performances, light appetizers, and of course sprits, wines, and beers. It was the perfect end to an exciting, colorful evening.

The Newport Beach Film Festival is off to a great start, now with some big shoes to fill.


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