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The Iceland Yelp Review

Let me fill you in on one of my little travel secrets, you ready?

I never buy travel guides/books... ever! You may think that's absurd, but if you're trying to save that extra cash and space/weight in your backpack, It's a total travel hack 101 !

Here's the deal. I carry a mini notebook and write little notes that I've learned either through websites, friends, articles, apps, etc. -creating my very own unique itinerary! But of course, there's always basic information needed ! So lucky you, I've put together an Icelandic Yelp review compiled of basic things you need to know before you go!

Safe Travels! xx

Airport Transfer: Yes, 45 minutes to city center Flybus​

Accepts Card: Yes, Debit & Credit literally everywhere, even toilets

ATM: Yes, found everywhere

Currency: Króna

Euros 1 = 116 ISK US dollars $1 = 109 ISK

Public Transport: Y/N - few in Reykjavik, but don't rely on it

Car Rentals: YES & highly recommend it- best way to get around *** also highly recommend getting add-ons such as GPS & Gravel coverage..

4x4 Automatic: $600 a week ~

Mid Size: $450 a week ~

Check out Sad Cars cheapest rentals out there!

Trains: No

Uber / Lyft: No

Pedestrian friendly : (City wise) Yes, you can easily walk around the whole city of Reykjavik

Taxi: Yes

Hitchhiking : Yes & safe ! check out for carpooling and carsharing !

Friendly: Yes, very - but locals usually keep to themselves

Safe: Yes, very

City Tours: Yes & Free ! Visit your hostel for more info

Night life: Yes & surprisingly good! ( downtown Reykjavik )

Check out : The English Pub, Lebowski Bar & if you're looking to get wild Kiki - Queer Bar

Happy Hour: Yes, usually 17-19:00hrs but still expensive..

$: $$$$ -VERY EXPENSIVE even low season ( winter time )

Price list:

Coffee $3

Soft Drink $5

Cheap bottle of wine $14

Cigarettes $11

Pint of Beer $8

Blue Lagoon Basic Entry Ticket $81.65 ( not including transportation )

Blue Lagoon Pro Tip! BOOK IN ADVANCE - at least one week.. spots fill up quickly! going at night isn't the same experience-try to get an early AM entrance.

Dining: Generally $$$$ even fast foods and gas stations.. so be prepared!

Must Try : the infamous Classic Icelandic Hot Dogs ! check out super popular hot dog stand 'Plysúhsid'

Fine Dining: $70+ Kitchen and Wine ( they have excellent cocktails! ) , Essenia ( Italian ), Tapas ( a taste of an Icelandic Feast )

Casual Dining: Vergamot Bistro

Vegan/ Vegetarian: Yes! Great foodie scene

Coffee: Check out my post on the best coffee shops!

Cheap Supermarket: Bonús, stock up! (just look for the pink big!)

English speaking: Yes

Language: Icelandic

Useful Phrases : Thanks! Takk! , Please - Vinsamlegast , Hello - Halló ,Where is - Hvar er , Goodbye ! Bless !

Weather: Be prepared for anything...4 seasons in one day- lol no joke

What to pack: waterproof hiking boots, Dry-fit clothing, 1 rain jacket/coat ( you get soaked by the waterfalls) , Sleeping Bag! ( you save money @ hostels ), Reusable water bottle (save $ !) , External Battery ( iphones tend to die with the extreme weather changes lol ), hand warmers ( winter season ), swim suit (always always!), sunscreen!! detailed packing list coming soon!

Electrical Plug : Plug type C / European 2 pin ( the one you use in Europe )

Wifi : Yes, hotspots + tour buses

Water: totally drinkable - bring your own reusable container!

Gas: Liter of Petrol =194 ISK ~ 1 gallon = $8

Good News! All Natural Parks are Freeee!!

Amazing Hot Springs the are not Blue Lagoon: Secret Lagoon, Seljavallalaug, Grettislaug, Laugafellslaug

xx TMP

Also, Check out my Solo Traveling Iceland Video up on Youtube ! Hopefully it'll inspire you just go ;)

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