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The Best Coffee In Town // All In One Day

Where the Locals Go

Edition lI: Reykjavik, Iceland

Go ahead, call me addicted, but I’ll just call it a passion. I adore coffee. As wine, it’s in my DNA. I'm Italian. It’s a life excuse for everything- so Ciao Bello.

To start, I had 4 hours to kill before my bus ride to the airport. So, as I was patiently waiting for the sun to rise, I couldn't think of a better way to spend my last Kronas. On coffee. Of course.

With my luck - there was no rain, hail, or snow - making it easy for me to explore the town one coffee shop at time.

Keeping roast, vibe, environment, and service : Here are my favorite local spots you must try when in Reykajvik !

Ending with a grand total of 4 cups of coffee in 4 hours..cheers !

[In no particular order]

Grai Kotturinn (the grey cat)

This is seriously a hole wall. No sign, nothing. Propitiously, I stumbled upon this place and instantly fell in love! With no surprise, this ma&pa shop fancies the artists, actors, and the rest of “cool crowd.”

Oh and they serve an American style brunch for anyone whose feeling a little homesick.

If you want that trendy-home style vibe - You’ve got one.

Reykjavik Roasters

A town cannot be hip without its own unique coffee roasting company ! This breed believes they make the best roast in town.

A smell of fresh roasted coffee as you enter the ‘urban outfitters’ set-up with a lovely view of the town. They even have a vinyl / turntable station, aka you're the DJ of the coffee shop. And of course, perfect for that Instagram shot ;) Surrounded by locals & coffee tourists like myself.

Heaven? Yes.

Mokka- Kaffi

A classic- said to be one of the oldest coffee spots in Reykjavik ! Starting out as a hangout hotspot for fisherman back in 1930, now transformed into an after school meet up for University students. The view of the harbor is exceptional.

And so is their coffee, of course.

Kex Hostel

I may be a bit biased on this one - as this was my hostel of choice.. But! A cup of coffee accompanied with an abundant selection of books is never a bad experience.

The atmosphere is totally Icelandic Hipster - with dimmed lights, vintage posters, and that barber shop decor. The music is mellow and so is the view. The perfect place to leave your backpack in the lockers and enjoy yourself.

If you have the time - check these out! These shops completely embrace the artist scene of the Icelandic people. Like I've said, they are way ahead of the cool game. LA you better watch out!

Also not to miss:



xxx -TMP

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