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Are you Jewish ?

Jerusalem, Israel

Are you Jewish?

8 out of 10 times whilst introducing myself, I get asked what I consider- “the Jew card” question.

“Nope” I answer.


Well then - Why Israel ?

And with two words, I answer, “why not?”

It’s now been three weeks that I’ve been traveling Israel and I have yet to discover all its gems. But thus far, I can easily vouch this country is way underrated in regards to a ‘travel destination.’ If people only realized how rich this land is, they’d be flocking here in an instant. Exchanging their #1 bucket list from climbing the Eiffel Tower to climbing Masada. (Don’t get me wrong, I love France & Paris will forever be my first love).

But if you really want a different less 'cliche’ travel experience - Visit Israel.

the vast Judea desert

So no, I’m not Jewish, I’m actually raised as a Polish / Italian Catholic and have tremendous respect for Jewish people.

Getting back to my point, there are so many other motives to come explore this well written land! And honestly, it should be on everyone’s travel list regardless of your religion. But if you’re Jewish - lucky you & your birthright goods.

Still- I found it so interesting having that specific question asked over and over again, as if it was necessary? Because why on earth would a girl from California be solo backpacking Israel ?

Well, Me. Obviously.

Parallel to the infamous shuk of Jerusalem

Putting the political portion aside, there is so much to see here. Seriously. From mountains, to deserts and seas.. this place has it all. Not to mention generations and generations of history. From different empires seizing the land..building, ruling, & destroying. It gives me chills just to think about it.

I was in Jerico today. The oldest city still inhabited in the world making it over 10,000 years old! I just couldn’t believe it.

Thats dating back to the BRONZE era !

Yeah - definitely worth the 10 shekels.

The fountain of Elisha - Jericho

So people shouldn’t be shocked Im visiting, just to “ visit.” No, I don’t have any family or friends here - but I am attracted to everything this country has to offer.

Sure, It can be unsafe at times. But look around you, nothings really 'safe' now a days. And a part of traveling is getting out of your comfort zone and taking risks.

Heck, I took a pretty big jump myself! But

I won’t limit my dreams and desires based on whats going on in the main stream media. If I want to do something. I’ll do it. I'll put my mind (& money ). Ill research, save, plan, and act. Usually more on the spontaneous side, if I think to much - I’ll over think.

But this place is special, I feel it. The discussion is different.

Israel should be a top destination for anyone who wants to learn more about people. Moreover, life. For anyone who has an interest of anything out of the ordinary western world. Sure, it’s a culture shock, but for me, a good one.

The crates of the desert

I’d never believe how alive and peaceful the desert can be, until I heard a bucket of water fall into a Bedouin’s well in the middle of the Judean desert. Waiting for it to hit the bottom seemed like eternity, but when it did- the waves echoed through, crashing against the walls... It was majestic.

Old City- With the western wall & Temple Rock in the horizon

In conclusion, visit Israel - its full of surprises.

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