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And So It Begins..


Ok, I usually complain about inflight “meals” more like dread them. But to my surprise, I was blown away with Eastern China Airlines! Man, it was better than our whitewashed Panda Express mix. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still airplane “food” (emphasis on the quotation marks)… But woah! China, way to make a first impression on your cuisine! Man, I enjoyed it so much I told the fight attendant to “give compliments to the chef!” she looked at me like I was crazy… I just blamed it on the jetlag.

“Haha! Must by my jet leg talking!” “Sure am disorientated!” I mumbled…

I then looked at the my screen…10 more hours to go…

Anyways, my point is, if I could Yelp review airplane food, I totally would.

However, my dining experience was quite the opposite. I sat next to a middle aged Asian man, who, was not stoked for the 14hr flight… With his LV belt and pimped out “Rolex” he would NOT stop staring at me while I ate!! Now, I’m not sure if I was eating incorrectly or something but man, was I feeling judged! I even switched my fork from my left hand to my right hand!! (Mind you, I’m left handed..)

I kept thinking,

“ Am I eating my noodles wrong?” “Should I be using chopsticks?” or even “Do I have something on my face?!”

And it didn’t help that HE was slurping at every bite. Anyways, beside my monitored meal consumption…I had a wonderful flight experience with Eastern China. A nice cup of green tea and I was off to bed!

Cheers, to all the little details life gives you! –v

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